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Trusted source for semiconductor packaging analysis since 1987

  • Introduction

    We are recognized around the world as a leading consulting company in the field of advanced semiconductor packaging technology.

    Our goal is to enable our clients to compete more effectively by providing accurate, relevant, and timely information on technology trends and market developments.

    We provide strategic market analysis, competitive analysis, technology trends, and evaluation of product strategies in the areas of semiconductor packaging and assembly, electronics manufacturing, and materials.

    What sets TechSearch apart from others?

    • We have close relationships with companies and industry leaders built on trust and mutual respect
    • We ask customers what they want—report content is constantly tailored to meet those needs
    • We provide complete, concise, accurate data and unbiased opinions
    • We participate in many industry conferences to share our findings and stay up-to-date on the latest innovations
    • We frequently tour PCB, EMS, and OSAT manufacturing facilities
  • Advanced Packaging Update

    The Advanced Packaging Update (4 issues per year) features special coverage of market and technology developments for BGAs, CSPs, stacked die CSPs, flip chip, and wafer level packages. Each issue includes new applications, developments in materials and assembly equipment, and new package constructions.

    Topics covered include:

    • Stacked die CSP trends
    • Packaging trends for mobile products such as smartphones including color photos and x-rays of components
    • System-in-package (SiP), multichip modules, and multichip packages
    • Interposer developments including silicon, organic, and glass
    • Reliability test results for new packages
    • New assembly materials
    • Substrate design rules and trends
    • New wafer level package versions and suppliers
    • Embedded component packages
    • Power device packages
    • DRAM packaging trends
    • Assembly issues for silicon with low-k dielectrics
    • Developments in Pb-free packaging
    the APU
  • Multi-client Analysis

    We publish a series of multi-client reports on various package technologies, including flip chip and wafer level packaging, system-in-package, 2.5D & 3D ICs, embedded components, and more.

  • Single-client Consulting

    We offer single-client consulting on a variety of advanced packaging, materials, equipment, and assembly areas.

  • IPC Study - Analysis of Semiconductor and Advanced Packaging Ecosystem

    TechSearch International president Jan Vardaman served as co-author on a study from IPC that provides a thorough, data-driven analysis of the global semiconductor and advanced packaging ecosystem. The study, An Analysis of the North American Semiconductor and Advanced Packaging Ecosystem, highlights the role of advanced packaging in driving innovation in semiconductor designs.

  • Worldwide Assembly & Test Facility Database

    In partnership with SEMI®, we offer a comprehensive data file tracking over 500 total back-end facilities of IDMs and outsourced semiconductor assembly and testing manufacturers. This database offers access to and insights into global OSAT facilities in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The report also highlights packaging technology offerings by manufacturing location

  • Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook

    In partnership with TECHCET and SEMI®, we offer a comprehensive market research study that examines semiconductor packaging trends and their impact on the packaging materials markets. Markets are quantified, new opportunities are highlighted for advanced technology nodes and emerging package form factors, and the materials market outlook is presented.

  • Packaging Cost Models—Fan-out WLP, WLP, flip chip, and more

    In partnership with SavanSys Solutions, TechSearch International provides access to valuable cost models for packaging. SavanSys develops the models and we help to calibrate the data. Available are cost models for fan-out wafer level packaging, WLP, 2.5D and 3D packaging, flip chip, and wire bond applications.

  • System Product Teardown Analysis

    TechSearch International's deep understanding of advanced packaging technologies is supported by teardowns of leading-edge system products. We perform our own teardowns and utilize third-party services of other experts. Information from the teardowns can be found throughout our line of reports. We also provide to clients individual teardown reports.

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IEEE Frances B. Hugle Engineering Scholarship, established by IEEE and TechSearch International

Who We Are
TechSearch International is recognized around the world as a leading consulting company in the field of advanced semiconductor packaging and assembly, electronics manufacturing, and materials.
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