Our single client services are designed for companies that require critical information not available in our off-the-shelf reports.

We provide these services in the areas of:

  • Market forecasting for IC package assembly equipment, semiconductor packaging materials, IC packages including flip chip, wafer level packages, CSPs, BGAs, 3D packages including 3D IC with TSVs, embedded components, and silicon interposers.
  • Strategic planning and analysis of new market opportunities, market requirements, value chain analysis, competitive analysis with a worldwide view, and due diligence for mergers and acquisition.
  • Outsourcing to locate contract assembly suppliers and identification of component and material suppliers.
  • Reliability analysis for BGA, CSP, and flip chip packages and assembly processes. We have expertise in material selection and location of new suppliers.

Discuss your requirements with us so that we can provide a detailed proposal, including exact costs, timeframe, and lead analysts background, before initiation of the project.

Sample projects:

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