New Frontiers in Automotive Electronics Packaging

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Automotive electronics packaging is entering a new frontier. Car manufacturers are adopting new safety features and moving toward autonomous driving. Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) adoption requires greater semiconductor content at each level of adoption. ADAS requires the use of cameras, LIDAR, radar, and other sensors, as well as communication systems and fast processing capability. The potential use of artificial intelligence to provide the analytics enabling safety features is driving the adoption of advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration. The report examines the drivers in each area and discusses the trends in packaging and assembly. Changes in interconnect technology and component requirements are highlighted. Market projections for various packages in each segment are provided. Automotive electronics has its own specific set of reliability requirements described in this report. Critical material needs for packaging and assembly are also addressed. Major automotive semiconductor suppliers are profiled and an analysis of various supply chain models is presented. A set of PowerPoint slides is included with the detailed analysis.
  • Preliminary Contents…
    • 1 Automotive Trends
    • 2 Advanced Driver Assist Systems
      • 2.1 Features, drivers, and package types for each area
      • 2.2 Sensors: cameras, LIDAR, radar, etc.
      • 2.3 Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication
      • 2.4 Displays, facial and gesture recognition
      • 2.5 Artificial intelligence and data processing
      • 2.6 Package and interconnect challenges
      • 2.7 Material requirements including PCBs
    • 3 Passive Safety Systems
      • 3.1 Features, drivers, and package types
      • 3.2 Sensors: tire pressure, air bag, etc.
      • 3.3 Anti-lock brakes
      • 3.4 Package trends
    • 4 Infotainment, Security, and Access
      • 4.1 Car navigation systems, electronic toll collection
      • 4.2 Accident reporting and monitoring
      • 4.3 Entertainment and comfort
      • 4.4 Security features such as smart key
      • 4.5 Package trends
    • ​5 Powertrain
      • 5.1 Traditional vs. electric and hybrid vehicles
      • 5.2 New package design and cooling requirements
    • 6 Reliability Requirements for Automotive Packages
    • 7 Supply Chain
    • 8 Packaging Roadmaps and Market Forecast by Package Type
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