TechSearch International collaborates with several industry leaders that offer reports and services complementary to ours. We work with these partners to jointly develop products that draw upon the strengths and resources of both parties. For example, we team up with SEMI® to produce a comprehensive biennial report on the semiconductor packaging materials market.

Partnership reports and services:

  • Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook – SEMI®
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    • Published December 2013
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    Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook 2013/2014 is a comprehensive market research study that examines semiconductor packaging technology trends and their impact on the packaging materials markets. Packaging materials markets are quantified; new opportunities are highlighted for advanced technology nodes and emerging package form factors; and forecasts through 2017 are presented.

    Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Outlook is an essential business tool for anyone interested in the plastic packaging materials arena. Packaging materials directly affect the performance, reliability and cost of semiconductors, and offer significant improvement potential.


    In-person interviews with material suppliers, packaging subcontractors and semiconductor manufacturers around the world are the sources of information for this study. Market size information is developed through primary research and modeling. Five-year market forecasts are developed based on different scenarios of new technology penetration and market growth.


    • Technology trends
    • Regional market size
    • Five-year market forecast
    • Supplier market share
    • Market size in revenue and units
    • Capacity and utilization trends
    • Average selling prices and trends
  • Cost Models – SavanSys Solutions
    2.5D & 3D Cost Model
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    After successful collaboration on cost models for Wafer Level Packaging, Flip Chip, Wire Bond, and other technologies, SavanSys Solutions and TechSearch International released a cost trade-off model for 2.5D and 3D packaging technologies. While there are still technical barriers to high volume adoption of 2.5D and 3D packaging solutions, cost remains a primary obstacle. The question is not whether 2.5D and 3D stacks can be built, but rather which applications are appropriate for these technologies based on cost/performance.

    The 2.5D & 3D Packaging Cost Model covers the total cost and yield from fabrication of the wafer to complete assembly, for both 2.5D and 3D applications. The user is able to edit a variety of parameters, including TSV and interposer characteristics, supplier specific inputs, and die preparation details. For parameters not known or specified, the model will estimate it based on other user entries and the latest industry knowledge. A detailed cost break down of the total process cost is generated for each analysis, allowing the user to pinpoint the exact steps in the process flow that contribute to cost. In addition, detailed manipulation of the process flow is available, allowing the user to disable or enter specific values for process steps.

    • SavanSys develops the model software
    • TechSearch helps with model calibration

    WLP, Flip Chip, Wirebond Cost Models
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    • WLP
    • Flip Chip
    • Wire Bond
    • Price per model (Flip Chip, Wire Bond, or WLP):
      $5,750 single user
      (annual fee)
      $12,500 corporate license
      (annual fee)
    Wafer level packaging (WLP) is often the most cost-effective approach for achieving miniaturization. However, using wafer level packaging for the wrong applications can be needlessly expensive. The significant differences between printed circuit board interconnect design rules and semiconductor interconnect design rules must be resolved by the package, and this presents unique challenges for wafer level packaging.

    If miniaturization is not required, a wire bond package is usually the most cost-effective packaging approach. However, a modified wafer level packaging approach called fan-out wafer level packaging is one option that overcomes the traditional WLP I/O restriction. In many cases, fan-out wafer level packaging or flip chip packaging is the lowest cost solution for applications requiring a moderate number of I/Os with some package size constraints.

    This paper compares the total packaging cost of the following four technologies:

    • Fan-in wafer level packaging
    • Fan-out wafer level packaging
    • Flip chip packaging
    • Wire bond packaging

    The analysis is accomplished using a comprehensive activity based cost model for each of the four package technologies. All wafer preparation activities (bumping for flip chip, wafer mounting, backgrind, dicing, etc.), fabrication activities (redistribution layer creation, inner layer processing, build-up layer processing, drilling, surface finish, testing, singulation, etc.), and assembly activities (die bonding, wire bonding, underfill, mold compound, lid attach, solder ball attach, etc.) are modeled and verified using multiple industry sources.

    • SavanSys develops the model software
    • TechSearch helps with model calibration
  • System Teardown Reports – TPSS Group
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    • pricing varies (see list below or contact us)
    Total Process Solution Study Group (TPSS) was started in mid-2003 by engineers in Japan involved in the assembly and Jisso technology for advanced portable equipment such as cellular phones and digital still cameras. Today, TPSS provides technology and detailed teardowns of smartphones, tablets, and wearables. The analysis is provided electronically as a PowerPoint presentation. The reports are marketed by TechSearch International, Inc.

    The reports typically contain details such as:
    • Photographs of circuit boards and components
    • Component information such as vendor, pin count, pitch, type of package
    • X-ray images of packages
    • Printed circuit board (PCB) construction information

    Contact us to discuss the content of these reports or to see a sample.

    Recent teardowns:
    May 2017

    • Xiaomi Mi5s, 36 packages (CLGAs, FLGAs, FBGAs including PoP, QFNs, SONs, SO, WLPs, FO-WLP, details EMI shielding, display, and fingerprint sensor, Price $400 (82 slides).

    • ZTE AXON mini, 20 packages (LGAs, FBGAs, QFNs, WLPs), Price $170 (27 slides).

    • CASIO Outdoor Smart Watch WSD-F10, 10 packages (DFN, FBGAs including PoP, LGA, CLGA, WLPs), Price $150 (17 slides).

    • SunnyCam HD Video Recording Glasses Xtream SCXTR0201, 3 packages on main board (FBGAs, LGA) plus socket and surface mount packages, Price $170 (20 slides).

    • Three 16GB USB Memory – ELECOM USB MF-AU3A16GSV, Princeton Xiao USB PFU-XJ3S/16GK and SONY Pocketbit USM16X L, each memory card contains a TSOP and either a QFP or QFN, Price $130 (13 slides).

    • Mouse Computer Laptop WN891, 9 packages (DFN, QFNs, FBGAs, LGAs), details of keyboard and touchpad, Price $150 (25 slides).

    April 2017

    • Meizu Smartphone, Meilan M3s (Y685Q) Dual SIM TD-LTE 32GB, 15 packages (SOP, DFN, QFNs, FGBAs, LGAs, WLP), including details of home button, camera module, and touch panel, Price $150 (28 slides).

    • Huawei Ascend Mate 9, 50 packages (SONs, QFNs, FLGAs, CLGAs, PoP, WLPs) includes details of EMI shielding, fingerprint sensor, and camera module, Price $400 (101 slides).

    • Xiaomi Mi Mix, 38 packages (SONs, QFNs, CLGAs, FLGAs, PoP, FBGAs, WLPs, FO-WLP), include details of panel speakers, EMI shield, display, and camera modules, Price $400 (110 slides).

    • GolfNavi - Yupiteru YGN4100Upitel and GreenOn The Golf Watch Premium G011M, 7 packages (DFN, QFPs, LGAs, WLP), Price $150 (37 slides).

    March 2017

    • Fujitsu Smartphone Arrows M2, 20 packages (QFNs, FBGAs, FLGAs, WLPs), includes details of camera module, Price $200 (24 slides).

    • ASUS Zenfone Zoom, 24 packages (SOP, SON, DFNs, QFNs, FLGAs, FBGAs, WLPs), includes details of camera module, Price $200 (34 slides).

    • Apple Watch Series 2, general construction of watch without package details, Price $250 (26 slides).

    • Bragi Wireless Earphone, The Dash, 14 packages (DFN, QFNs, SOP, FLGAs, FBGAs, WLPs), Price $150 (17 slides).

    January 2017

    • Huawei Smartphones, P9 Plus, 50 packages (QFNs, SONs, FLGAs, CLGAs, FBGAs, WLPs, plus PoP) includes details of dual camera with auto focus, display, and EMI shielding, and Huawei Honor V8, view of 32 packages on main board (QFNs, SON, CLGAs, FLGAs, FBGAs), $400 (89 slides).

    • Oppo Smartphones, Oppo R9, 29 packages (QFNs, SON, FLGAs, FBGAs, CLGAs, WLPs) including details of camera modules and Oppo R9s, view of 16 packages on main board (QFNs, FBGAs, CLGA, WLPs, FO-WLPs,) including details of camera modules, $400 (97 slides).

    • Vivo Smartphones, Vivo X7 Plus, 30 packages (QFNs, FLGAs, FBGAs, CLGAs, WLPs, FO-WLPs, PoP) including camera module details and Vivo X9, view of 18 packages on main board (QFNs, FLGAs, FBGAs, CLGAs, WLPs, and FO-WLPs) including details of camera module and OLED display, $400 (103 slides).

    December 2016

    • Apple iPhone 7 Plus, 54 packages (CLGAs, FLGAs, SO, SON, FBGAs, PoP including TSMC’s InFO for the bottom PoP, WLPs, and COF) plus details of display, camera modules, fingerprint sensor, taptic engine (home button), EMI shielding, and thermal management, Price $550 (175 slides).

    • Smart Watches: Sony wena 10 packages (DFN, QFN, SOP, CLGAs, MLGA, FBGA, LGA, WLPs. FBGA, LGA) and Samsung Gear 2 16 packages (LGAs, PoP, DFNs, FBGA, module, MCM, and WLPs), Price $250 (40 slides).

    • Comparison of Five portable SSDs, Transcend 2.5” SSD 370S 5 packages (DFNs and FBGAs including stacked die), ADATA Premier Pro SP920 7 packages (FBGAs, DFNs, QFN), Samsung SSD 850 EVO (3D V-NAND) 6 packages (FBGAs, DFNs, FC-QFN), Samsung SSD 750 EVO 5 packages (FBGAs, DFNs, FC-QFN) and SanDisk Ultra II SDSSDH II STAT2.5 5 packages (FBGAs, COB, QFN, DFN), Price $280 (53 slides).

    • Microsoft Surface Pro 4, 50 packages (DFNs, QFNs, SMDs, FBGAs, TSSOP, SONs, PowerPAK), plus details of thermal management, display panel, camera modules, keyboard, Price $280 (75 slides).

    July/August 2016

    • Huawei P9 Plus, co-designed with Leica and referred to as a "camera with smartphone features," 50 packages (including PoP, WLPs, FLGAs, FBGAs, QFNs, CLGAs, SONs), details of camera module including dual lens camera, fingerprint sensor module description, thermal management explanation with outline of thermal path, information on display, Price $500 (117 slides).

    • Xiaomi Mi5 Standard, 36 packages on main board (PoP, QFNs, SONs, SO, FBGAs, FLGAs, CLGAs, WLPs, FO-WLP, details of camera modules, display, fingerprint sensor module, connectors, and thermal management including thermal interface materials, Price $500 (113 slides).

    • Xiaomi Mi MAX, 28 packages on main board (SO, SONs, QFNs, PoP, FBGAs, FLGAs, CLGAs, WLPs, FO-WLPs, details of display, camera modules, fingerprint sensor module, and thermal management, Price $480 (84 slides).

    • Wireless LAN Routers (ELECOM WRC-1167GHBK3-A, NEC PA-WF1200HP2 and BUFFALO WHR-1166DHP2), ELECOM WRC-1167GHBK3-A: 9 packages (SOPs, QFPs, QFNs, FBGA), NEC PA-WF1200HP2: 9 packages (QFNs, DFNs, SOP, FBGA, BGA), BUFFALO WHR-1166DHP2: 7 packages (SOPs, QFNs, FBGAs), all show antenna and PCB, Price $250 (32 slides).

    April/May 2016

    • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, 41 packages on mainboard (FBGAs, FLGAs, CLGAs, QFNs, SONs, SOs, WLPs, FO-WLPs, including PoP), details of OLED, descriptions of sensors including fingerprint sensor details, shows heatpipe for cooling application processor, Price $500 (115 slides).

    • Microsoft Lumia 640XL, 17 packages on mainboard (FBGAs, FLGAs, QFNs, and WLPs), details of camera modules, Price $250 (29 slides).

    • UPQ Phone A01X, 15 packages on mainboard (FBGAs, FLGAs, QFNs, DFN, SON, and WLPs), details of camera modules, Price $250 (28 slides).

    • Fitbit Charge HR/JAWBONE UP3 JL-010ACA-JP Silver Cross, Fitbit Charge with 8 packages (FLGA, ceramic LGA, QFN, DFNs, and WLPs, UP3 with 17 packages (FLGA, ceramic LGA, QFNs, DFNs, and WLPs), Price $250 (35 slides).

    • LOGBAR Ring ZERO, 5 packages (QFNs DFN, SOP, WLP), Price $200, (11 slides).

    February 2016

    • Fujitsu Arrows NX, F-02H, 42 packages (FBGAs, FLGAs, CLGAs, SOs, QFNs, SONs, WLPs, PoP), details of display, camera modules, retina identification biometric authentication, Price $500 (94 slides).

    • Sharp AQUOS ZETA SH-01H, 40 packages (FBGAs, FLGAs, CLGAs, SONs, QFNs, WLPs, PoP), details of fingerprint sensors, touch screen, display, and camera modules, Price $500 (102 slides).

    • Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, SO-03H, 33 packages (FBGAs, FLGAs, CLGAs, QFNs, WLPs, PoP) details of display and camera modules, shows use of heat pipes, Price $500 (108 slides).

    January 2016

    • Samsung Galaxy S6, SM-G9200 (SIM Free Version), 39 packages (FBGA, FLGA, CLGA, QFN, SON, SO and WLPs), including 2 PoPs, details of camera modules, fingerprint sensor, display, heart rate sensor, and application processor, Price $500 (159 slides).

    November 2015

    • Apple iPhone 6s, 39 major packages (FBGAs, FLGAs, CLGAs, WLPs, COF, including PoP and stacked die), details of camera module, display, touch sensor, fingerprint sensor, Price $500 (117 slides).

    • Pedometers, Clip Type (Fitbit FitbitONE, Tanita EZ-062, Omron HJA-401F, Omron HJA-700T-G, Design Factory MW Fit BT-005A and Jawbone UP Move), variety of packages for each product (FBGA, QFN, LGA, DFN, SSOP, CLGA, SON), Price $350 (53 slides).

    • Pedometers, Watch Type (Yamasa Exalking TM-350, Epson PS-500B, Kronoz Zecircle, Apple Watch and MyKronoz ZeWatch2), variety of package types (SSOP, DFN, CLGA, QFN, LGA, FBGA), board sizes, and display, Price $350 (54 slides).

    • Pedometers, Wrist Band Type (Jawbone UP24, Docomo WMB-02C-K, Sony SWR10, Garmin VIVO Smart-J and Huawei TalkBand B1), variety of package types (FBGA, QFN, LGA, DFN, WLP, SON), Price $350 (63 slides).

    October 2015

    • Goophone g03, 21 packages (QFNs, SON, FBGAs, LGA, WLPs, including stacked die CSP), details of camera modules, Price $200 (28 slides).

    • Huawei Ascend G620S-L02, 13 packages (FBGAs, LGA, QFNs, DFN, WLPs, including stacked die CSP, details of camera modules, Price $200 (27 slides).

    • ASUS Chromebook C300M laptop computer, 21 packages (QFNs, DFNs, SOPs, FBGAs, FC-BGA, including stacked die CSP) one camera module, Price $200 (25 slides).

    • Tosy Disco Robo dancing robot toy, 7 packages (SOPs, QFP, SOIC, SOT) includes microphone, Price $150 (20 slides).

    • Parrot Minidrones Rolling Spider drone, 8 packages (QFNs, DFNs, SO, BGA), SiP for AP and WiFi in BGA, ultrasonic sensor, plus camera, Price $150 (16 slides).

    • Omron electronic scale Karada Scan 253W, 8 packages (QFPs, SOPs, DIP, QFN), Price $150 (17 slides).

    • Black Blade R/C Helicopter toy, 11 packages (QFPs, SOs, TO) plus camera module, Price $170 (21 slides).

    • Samsung Gear Circle Headphones SM-R130, 6 packages (QFNs, FBGA, WLPs), MEMS, flex circuit used, contains multiple boards mounted in neck piece, USB connection for charging, shows flex and rigid flex, Price $170 (21 slides).

    August 2015

    • Sharp AQUOS ZETA, SH-03G, 35 packages, (CLGAs, FLGAs, FBGAs, QFNs, SONs, PoP (MCeP version), and WLPs), includes details of fingerprint sensor, camera modules, display with lower power technology, and connectors, Price $450 (103 slides).

    • Sony Xperia Z4, au SOV31SLA, 30 packages, (CLGAs, FLGAs, FBGAs, QFNs, SONs, PoP (MCeP version), and WLPs), details of camera modules, display, and heat pipe thermal solution for application processor, Price $450 (92 slides).

    • Oppo Joy, 11 packages (QFNs, DFNs, FBGAs, LGA, WLP), FBGA packages include stacked die CSP and MIS-BGA, details of camera module are provided, Price $250 (22 slides).

    July 2015

    • Fujitsu Arrows NX F-04G, 38 main packages (FBGAs, FLGAs, CLGA, QFN, SON, WLP, PoP), includes MCeP embedded die package, details of iris authentication system and camera, display and antenna details, Price $450 (86 slides).
    • Apple Watch Sport, cross sectional views and measurements, details of SiP module including shielding, details of cover glass, force touch, and OLED. Packaging inside SiP module includes WLPs, FLGAs, FBGAs, Price $450 (78 slides).

    June 2015

    • Comparison of Nokia Lumia 530, Aquos Crystal, Polaroid Lineage smartphones and Huawei Mediapad m1 8.0 (LTE) S8-304L, Samsung Galaxy Tab S and ASUS Pad TF103C tablets, compares main camera, sub-camera, battery, and CPU for each product, Lumina 13 packages (BGAs, QFNs, DFN, LGAs,), Aquos 9 packages (LGAs, BGAs, and WLPs), Polaroid 9 packages (LGAs, BGA, DFNs, and WLP), Huawei 12 packages (QFNs, DFNs, BGAs, WLPs), Samsung Galaxy 10 packages (PoP, BGAs, QFNs, DFNs, and WLPs), ASUS 11 packages (BGAs, DFNs, QFNs, and WLPs), Price $500 (165 slides).
    • Micro-Star International (MSI) CX612QF1614JP Notebook PC, 18 packages (SON, SOPs, BGAs, PGA, QFN, and QFPs), includes details of heat spreader and cooling fan, LCD panel, and HDD, Price $250 (32 slides).

    May 2015

    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, 43 packages (FLGAs, FBGAs, CLGAs, QFNs, SO, SON, PoPs, WLPs) details of camera modules, display, fingerprint scanner, MEMS microphones, Price $500 (129 slides).
    • Apple iPad Air 2, 39 packages (FBGAs, FLGAs, SONs, CLGAs, QFN, WLPs), includes details of camera modules, backlight assembly, display, fingerprint sensors, and thermal interface materials, history of iPad thickness, Price $500 (111 slides).

    March 2015

    • Samsung Galaxy Note EDGE, SC-01G, 48 packages (FBGAs, LGAs, CLGAs, QFNs, WLPs, PoP, embedded die), includes details of camera modules and display, Price $500 (132 slides).
    • WD My Passport 500GB HDD Drive, G Drive 500GB HDD and I-O DATA Hi-Vision Recording 1TB HDD, Each product with four to five packages (QFN, TSOP, SSOP, QFP, FBGA), Price $250 (29 slides).

    October/November/December 2014

    • Apple iPhone 6 Plus, 48 packages (WLPs, FBGAs, LGAs, CLGAs, FC-BGAs including PoP, QFN), provides comparison of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, details of camera modules, display, and antenna modules, Price $600 (137 slides).
    • Apple iPhone 6, 48 packages (WLPs, LGAs, FBGAs, LGAs, CLGAs, FC-BGAs including PoP, QFN), provides comparison of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, details of camera modules, display, and antenna modules, Price $500 (109 slides).
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 4, SM-N910U, 42 packages (WLPs, LGAs, FBGAs, LGAs, CLGAs, FC-FBGAs including PoP, QFNs, SON), provides history and details of Samsung Exynos processor with embedded capacitors, details of antenna, camera modules, display, and EMI shielding, Price $500 (109 slides).

    September 2014

    • Covia CP-F03A, SIM Free Smart Phone, 8 packages on main board (FC-BGA, WLP, BGAs, SONs, QFN), details of camera module and touch panel including driver IC and LCD, Price $250 (30 slides).
    • Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, SO-05F, 30 packages (WLPs, FBGAs, FLGAs, CLGAs, PoP, QFN), include details of camera module, touch panel, display, and connectors, analysis of EMI shielding and thermal management, Price $400 (54 slides).

    August 2014

    • Amazon Fire Phone, 38 packages (CLGAs, SONs, FLGAs, FBGAs, QFNs, WLPs, PoP), details of camera modules and display, antenna details, Price $550 (106 slides).
    • Nokia Lumia 930, 32 packages (CLGAs, FLGAs, FBGAs, QFNs, SON, PoP), details of camera modules, details of new polycarbonate and aluminum body design, Price $530 (85 slides).
    • SiAL Intel Inside Tablet, 9 packages (FBGAs, BGA, QFN, DFN, WLPs, PoP), details of camera module. Price $200 (24 slides).
    • Sony PlayStation 4, 29 packages (BGAs, QFNs, FBGAs, SOPs QFPs, WLP, LGA), Price $250 (35 slides).

    June 2014

    • Three Chinese smartphones, Lenovo A706, Coolpad live smart 7295, Huawei G520-0000, Lenovo with 5 CSP (FBGA, LGA, QFN) plus WLP and ceramic LGA, Coolpad with 8 CSPs (FBGA, LGA, QFN) plus WLP, Huawei 9 CSPs (LGA, FBGA) plus WLPs, Price $350 (56 slides).
    • Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F, 36 packages including PoP (FLGA, FBGA, QFN, CLGA, WLP), some packages with flip chip, details of finger print scanner and camera module, Price $580 (88 slides).
    • NEC LaVie Tab TE307/N1W, 10 packages (FBGA, QFN, SON, TBGA, WLP), Price $200 (25 slides).
    • Kobo arc 7HC, tablet with 14 packages (FBGA, TBGA, QFN, SON, SOP, WLP), Price $200 (28 slides).
    • Apple iPad Air, released Nov. 1, 2013, 11 packages (FLGA, FBGA, QFN, SON, WLP, SiP), Price $300 (34 slides).
    • Sony Reader PRS-T3S, 8 packages (FBGA, QFN, WLP), Price $150 (14 slides).
    • IO-Data SSDP-ST64/W Solid State Drive, 2 packages (FBGA, TSOP), Price $150 (9 slides).
    • Yamasa Pedometer TM-350, chip-on-board (COB), Price $100 (6 slides).
    • HP Notebook PC Pavilion 11-e008AU TouchSmart, 11 packages (FLGA, FBGA, QFN, SOP, QFP), Price $200 (25 slides).
    • Sony Xperia Z Ultra Tablet, 12 packages including PoP (FBGA, SON, WLP) including details of camera module and display, Price $250 (31 slides).
    • Samsung Smart Freedom Galaxy Gear SM-V700, 9 packages (FBGA, QFN, WLP) including flip chip, details of OLED and camera module, Price $200 (20 slides).
    • Main PWB for 9 products, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Yupiteru Atlas Handy GPS Map ASG-CM31sp, Pioneer Cycle Navigation SGX-CN700, Sony VAIO SVT13129CJS, Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Toys”R”Us Tablet Meep, Toshiba REGZA Tablet AT300/24C, Toshiba REGZA Tablet AT501/37H and Toshiba BookPlacs DB50, PCB layer count and construction with dimensions for resin, layer, solder resist, Cu foil, line/space, pad and via diameter, etc., Price $150 (9 slides).

    January 2014

    • Nike iPod Sport Kit, 6 packages on main board (QFNs and ceramic), Price $150 (12 slides).
    • Yamaha Bodibeat BF-1, 7 packages (TSOP, SOP, QFN, FBGA, BGA), Price $150 (17 slides).

  • Semiconductor Market Reports – IC Insights
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    IC Insights provides complete analysis of the semiconductor market with coverage including current business, economic, and technology trends, capital spending and wafer capacity trends, the impact of new devices on the market, and other relevant semiconductor industry information.
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